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This store is not currently selling the Mobile Meditator due to supply issues.

The Mobile Meditator

Meditation Cushion

Comfortable - Adjustable - Portable

How do you choose the right meditation cushion? A good meditation cushion provides you with stability, support and a comfort that endures the whole length of your sit. 

The Mobile Meditator is a high quality, durable meditation cushion. It has been carefully designed for maximum comfort and portability. Many people buy this meditation cushion for travel – but the comfort it offers quickly makes it their daily cushion. Have  a read of our Testimonials!


Easily Adjusted to Suit Your Needs

Everyone has a different posture, a different body and as such different meditation needs. The Mobile Meditator meditation cushion has 3 chambers – each can be adjusted separately to suit your body.

  • Adjust the center chamber for optimal spine support and pelvic tilt
  • Adjust the two side chambers for hip and thigh support

It’s easy to get your meditation cushion juuuuust right (like a baby bear and porridge!). Meditation Cushion Colours

Easy To Take Anywhere

Going on retreat? Heading off to a class? You don’t need to use someone else’s uncomfy meditation cushion anymore. Just take your Mobile Meditator. It’s incredibly light to carry, or let out the air and fold it into the carry case. It’s so convenient to take your custom fit meditation cushion with you when you own a Mobile Meditator.

Additional features:

  •   Three separate inflatable, adjustable air chambers
  •    Forward slant supports posture and balance
  •    Alleviates pressure on knees, hips and ankles
  •    Soft and conforming to body for enhanced relaxation
  •    Perfect for use as an everyday cushionMeditation Cushion rear view
  •    Flocked fabric prevents slipping
  •    Durable and washable
  •    Carry case included


And Affordable Too!

The Mobile Meditator is affordable! Most meditation cushions can cost up to $100 when you include postage. The Mobile Meditator is only $49.95 including standard postage.  It is still a high quality item – we just don’t need to charge for any filling (your lungs provide that – or maybe a wee hand pump). 

Watch the YouTube video!


Quality, quality, quality

The Mobile Meditator meditation cushion is a quality product. If you are not happy with your super adjustable, lightweight and portable Mobile Meditator you can return it within 30 days for a refund. Have a look at our guarantee.

If the cushion fails within 12 months we will replace it. Of course if you have being using it as a trampoline or boogie board then it might not last long! Meditation is a gentle sport.

Have questions? Want to know more? Please do feel free to contact me via email at

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